The Mortgage Firm

The right marketing mix to bring in new customers and generate leads.

Digital Marketing • WordPress • Social Media


Up against big banks with big marketing dollars, Dani and Ken at The Mortgage Firm focus reaching new customers and generating leads to sell mortgages in the London area. 


Our approach has been to develop a digital marketing campaign across various platforms to give excellent exposure in the targeted geographic area. Google ads, Kijiji, and social media marketing are all used in this marketing mix to promote The Mortgage Firm and encourage brand recognition. This marketing mix combined with custom landing pages and an optimized website for conversions aims to generate leads from every visitor. 


Overall the digital marketing and website efforts combined resulted in regularly drawing in new users to the website and a 400% increase in ROI for 2018. 

Today, The Mortgage Firm has been nationally recognized as leading brokers and sees a regular increase of referrals and repeat business.